We've Gone The Wrong Way, Baby

I'm ashamed to be a woman. I feel less for it... like I don't quite measure up. Now understand, men have never made me feel less. No, this inferiority complex began about 35 years ago with a little thing called Feminism. Feminism has made me ashamed of my sex-as a group and individually.

There was a time when women deserved respect-because we are mothers, because of our natural softness and tender feelings, because we have been the ones who raised up righteous leaders of good nations for centuries now. We dropped the ball on that most vital role, not men. Consequently, we don't deserve the respect that men-yes men!--have bestowed upon us any longer. It is the day care facility-institutions-that raises our children now, and the result has been the most horrific social experiment history has ever seen.

In the sixties, women began taking the easy way out. Why? Because Motherhood is a damned hard thing to do. It is 24/7/365. There is no pay, no immediate gratification, little recognition, and more often than not, no appreciation until you yourself become a mother. When you go to work, you get to dress nicely. You have a schedule that you actually keep. People do what you tell them to do. You get to speak to and with adults, have conversations that have meaning. You get regular breaks, and no one is peeing or spitting up on you, throwing tantrums, breaking your things, or calling Grandma to get his way. And while there is truth to the fact that society has both revered and ridiculed that which comes naturally to women-tenderness-it is women-not men--who have inflicted the most damage. Let me explain why.

Men have always been in awe of the female form-not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well. While they may burst with pride over their strength and snicker at the physical "weakness" of women when compared to men, they hold in that realm of mystical and reverent those attributes of femininity that are not as comfortable within themselves, and they marvel about them in private moments. They reveal this wondering in ways that are at times misunderstood, but nevertheless bespeak of the awe they feel toward the female sex.

My all time favorite saying about the power women possess was revealed by author Samuel Johnson in the 18th century: Nature has given women so much power that the law has very wisely given them little. Now before feminists start ripping tendons and ligaments with their typical knee-jerk reaction to this example, look again. This is a statement and recognition of the power and strength men recognize within women-power they envy, strength they admire, and tenderness they crave. This is a statement of respect and recognition for women, not belittlement.

Jump forward to the 20th century, and the advent of militant feminism that took hold of our culture. Now understand, there isn't a person-male or female-that I know who doesn't believe that women were mistreated in the past, or that they deserve rights of voting, work, etc. So let's just toss that ridiculous argument from the get-go. No, this is about the fact that these Stalinistic Types who decided that women deserved better-not just equal-treatment than men have overtaken, destroyed, and even in the face of logic and reason-and their own case studies and evaluations--turned to typical female histrionics to bludgeon society into doing what they say.

This was driven home with a resounding wham! when Bernard Goldberg-a man, no less--talked about the final straw that made him decide he could no longer play his part in the Liberal Lineup that has overtaken the media. In his best-selling book Bias, Goldberg states that there had been little things for years that had gnawed at his conscience, but it was when he saw what was happening to children-at the behest of women, no less-that he knew he could pretend no more.

Goldberg only gave voice to what we've all seen for decades now, but have become too Politically Castrated to say. It is the horrifying trend in our children's feelings, lives, and behavior. You see, when we began giving into the bullying tactics of the feminist movement that used guilt and "Second Class Status" brainwashing to get women to leave the home, it resulted in our children going en masse to day cares or coming home alone. Suicide rates, sexual diseases, poor academics, increased violence and drug use, not to mention less formal criminal behavior such as arguing a great deal, deliberate and even gleeful cruelty, explosive behavior, too much talking, too much fighting have all been the result of the selfishness of the "Woman-Good-Man-Bad" mentality of those who pay lip service only to it being "for the children" when what they really intend to say is "Mine! Mine! Mine! Now! Now! Now!"

The real kicker to this is that the Gloria Steinems of the world don't even realize what they were saying by getting women to leave the home for the "man's world." It was the women of the world-not the men-who force fed women the notion that what comes naturally to men-to conquer the outside world-was more important, better, more deserving than what comes naturally to women. They were actually demeaning femininity by their own words, and were too foolish to even realize it. The shame of my sex is that we bought into it. The shame of the male sex is that they did too.

Society has paid a dear price for women choosing to listen to these wretched individuals. Women are now in a far worse position than they were 100 years ago; back then, they didn't have many other choices than to be a wife and mother. Today, if they want to be a wife and mother, they can't unless they marry a very rich man. Feminism has enslaved us into the "SuperWoman" role-an impossible place to live. But I have a sick feeling that that is exactly their goal. You see, being pro-abortion isn't enough. They want motherhood and wife-dom to be so difficult, so back-breaking, so agonizing in modern living that women will choose not to marry and have children. For those who still don't grasp it, let me say it in plain speech: Feminism is the party of the "anti-child."

"Female Empowerment" was the shameful fantasy. Now for the harsh reality. Sisters, your babies are killing each other. They are having babies at younger ages and in record numbers in a desperate search for that unconditional love they couldn't find in the myriad of minimum wage babysitters and daycares they had growing up. They are turning to gangs and drugs to ease the pain of loneliness and the longing for Mommy-a longing which is innate, necessary, and good-and it is our fault. Our children are suffering; their tender feelings have waxed cold and all signs of humanity are dying off in agonizing death throes, and we women are the cause. Women. The givers of life have turned against their own offspring in a vain quest for self-fulfillment. It is madness.

Society became this way because we women allowed ourselves to feel ashamed for having children and raising them right, and that was wrong. It's time for the New Feminist Revolution. No longer can our children-or society-abide the general female answer and shrug: "Well, it's the day we live in... whatcha gonna do?"

Here's what you're gonna do. Women, go home. Get rid of the huge mortgage and move into a trailer. It's not the neighborhood-or village, idiot!-that raises a good child. Have two cars? Get rid of one and deal with the annoyance of having to drive more. It's not the car that makes the family. Fancy clothes and vacations? Trivial and silly... those won't be what your child remembers. Be the one who drops him off and picks him up from school. Those precious moments laughing and talking will always be remembered, I guarantee it. Be in the kitchen, filling a warm home with delicious smells, sounds, and memories, and bring the whole family in to make dinner again, cleaning up together afterwards and bonding over pot roast. It is simple, it is time tested, it is true. The hand that rocks the cradle did-at one time-rule the world. The cradle is silent because the hand is at work and the baby at an institution. Sisters, go home-too much is at stake. Your babies are dying and killing, and the only one who can stop this infanticide is you. The power is-and always has been-yours. Take it back now... it's almost too late.

Keep the faith, bros-and sis-and in all things courage.

Can't Find a Good Man? Blame Feminism!

Does any decent American man want a modern American woman?

Signs are there... no, they don't, or given our behavior, they shouldn't. And we only have women to blame. Yeah, I said it-women.

Now I've suspected this for a long time. After all, the damage done to society by the rants of feminism-or as I call it, Pussy Politics-is far-reaching and deeply embedded into our education system, insuring that the next generation is as bludgeoned with the lie as their parents were.

My foray into this lie began years ago, when as a little girl I began hearing the rumblings of the classic crap line, "Anything men can do women can do too." Women started en masse applying to become policemen, firemen, etc. But no matter how much they whined, the laws of physics stubbornly refused to adapt. Women just don't have the physical strength to carry a grown human being out of harms way, to run as fast, to control a bucking firearm with the power and innate ability of a man. Oh sure, there are exceptions, but our society is designed to cater to the rule while making allowances for the occasional exception. This is how we not only survive, but thrive. When we go the other way-making laws that favor the exception rather than the rule-society collapses in on itself, as we've been witness to in the past 40 years of Minority Rule.

Logic would dictate that the femmies take the hint, but logic has never been in bed with these dames. So the Bitch Brigade decided that since they couldn't control the laws of nature, then by God, they would force the laws of man to ignore the painfully obvious and manipulate society into doing things their way. Hence the birth of Pussy Politics.

One of the worst fallouts of this-the first of many I'll be covering in later parts-is the growing epidemic of false allegations of rape. It is a frightening trend in our society, and one that can be laid directly at the feet of femmies. When confronted with this, the femmies do everything they can to distract and evade the topic, and then even rationalize it. Apparently, men are so evil that even a false allegation is a small thing; it makes up for the times they got away with it, and for all the years of oppression! It evens the playing field, so it's OK.

And they've gotten away with it, too, because Pussy Politics long ago so bludgeoned and castrated men with the "Guilt Stick" that they don't dare protest. After all, in today's society, it is worse to be called "racist" or "sexist" than murderer... or in the femmies' case, liar. They've also gotten away with it because of the emotion-the ultimate femmie weapon-that rape conjures in both women and men. Disarm the brain with an overwhelming emotional response so you can shove your crap in there.

And shove the Bitch Brigade does.

In the first four months of the year, I read of at least three cases of false rape claims, and that's just me, in my little neck of the woods. They are coming faster, more frequently than in the past, and by younger and younger females. This is an ominous sign of a plague 40 years in the making.

Why this latest epidemic? The daughters and granddaughters of the First Femmies have been taught three hard and fast "truths" when it comes to rape: 1) All men are potential rapists, 2) Crying rape gets you out of trouble and off the hook (sympathy and attention), and 3) It gets men into trouble and backs up truth number 1.

Now part of this is because all societies have traditionally been harder on women for sexual indiscretions than they have been on men. This much is true. This fact has caused many women to feel guilty the next day, and turn a consensual sexual tryst into a violent act of force and torture. But femmies have taken this small truth and turned it into a lie so huge, so out of control, that girls are now crying it to get out of trouble and are finding that equality now means charging them with fraud, and it's about the hell time.

First was the case of a 15 year old girl, who came to Pocatello to compete in the Simplot Games and spent her time looking for other sport, only to get caught and fall back on her femmie teachings and cry rape. Then came the case of the BYU co-ed, embarrassed about an orgy at a private and strict Christian university. Instead of being a person of honor and admitting her mistake and taking the consequences, her femmie-forced instinct was to blame the boys. Oddly enough, not one of them had a problem admitting to the sexual indiscretion, even though it violated the university's Honor Code, and meant they may no longer be BYU football players. They behaved like men... she behaved like a femmie. It was absolutely classic... not to be confused with "classy"-something you could never accuse a femmie of being.

Then there was the case of the Idaho woman who just wanted to get her boyfriend back home for a quicky marriage, and manipulated the Red Cross's policy of helping military men get home for family emergencies. She filed a fake rape report with the local police, then called the Red Cross to get her fiancé home so they could hurry and get married. She was caught, but I guarantee that she won't pay nearly as much as the innocent people with legitimate emergencies will in the future. More than her new husband were screwed as a result of her selfishness.

A quick search found a woman in southern Utah not hesitating to point an accusing-and false-finger at a man, a 12-year-old here in Pocatello who made the claim to get out of trouble for staying out all night (the police log case has since been pulled from the archives-I wonder why), and my own 10-year-old son's experience with a neighbor girl. "V", as I'll call her, was jumping on the trampoline at her cousin's house with my son, who is friends with the cousin. He tripped and landed on her, and she cried out, "Rape! You're raping me-I'm going to tell!"

You tell me-where would a girl barely 10-years-old get the idea to cry such a word when a boy bumps into her? I had one VERY upset son to deal with later; he now refuses to even go to his friend's house when "V" is there. And of course, an infamous case: Lt. Elizabeth Warnick and Tailhook, a lie to save her from having to face the truth in front of her fiancé.

(From interview with Cdr. Robert B.Rae U.S.N. Defense attorney, Heterodoxy 4/94)

Q. So Elizabeth Warnick admitted on the witness stand that she had in fact perjured herself. That she had not been gang raped. That she had been having sex with .... and had lied because she was engaged and she wanted to protect her engagement?

A. That's Absolutely true, and was. It is one of the most ironic parts of Tailhook too, because Admiral Kelso knew about a very important clause in the Navy's Sexual Harassment instructions that says if someone falsely accuses someone else of a sexual crime or sexual harassment, those people will be brought to justice. She never was, of course.

Justice for women, jail time for the innocent. It is becoming business as usual, and damned if the femmie/hippy/commie-controlled press isn't ignoring it. It seems that no price is too high for society-and particularly, MEN-to pay for the wrath of the Bitch Brigade. And it is so deeply ingrained now in men that they don't dare say the truth, for fear of that career-crushing word in our Politically Castrated society-sexist. Rape is no longer a word to fear; for women it has become a political windfall.

The problem for femmies is, that word has no effect whatsoever on me. See, I put the "itch" in "bitch" when it comes to what femmies have done to this country of ours. Being a broad, I know their emotional tricks, but unlike chicks, I am a slave to logic and reason; their tears and anger in the face of said logic doesn't wash with me. Watching their heads explode because they don't have a valid leg to stand on is my favorite pastime. I am their worst nightmare, and I want their Evil Empire destroyed. In other words: Ms. Steinem, Give Back Our Balls!

You're going down, femmies, and down hard. I'll see to that; for the two future men I'm raising. More-MUCH more-to come...

Lees verder...